Early Australian delivered
Hillman Hunter parts,
including GT.


Early Australian delivered
Hillman Hunter parts,
including Royal 660.



Chrysler Hillman Hunters Complete Knock Down kits (CKD kit) were Imported from the UK, and built
in Melbourne and Adelaide factories between 1967 to 1973.


The Hillman reached international headlines in 1968 when Andrew Cowan won the London to Sydney marathon driving a Hillman Hunter.


Chrysler Australia had a number of Hillman Hunter models, starting with the HB series in 1967; the HC Series in 1968; and the HE series in 1970. During the production years, there were a number of 4 door sedan models including: the Arrow, GT, Hustler, Royal, Royal 660 and one 5 door station wagon model called the Safari.


Chrysler Australia produced the GT branded vehicles for the first 2 years, called the Hunter GT. This fully equipt vehicle powered by a 1725 alloy head twin stromberg motor had heating, 2 speed wiper motor, full wallnut timber veneer dash and included a: tachometer, oil pressure, temperature and amp guages.


In 1970 for insurance purposes, the GTs name changed to the Royal 660, which was also equipt with the original GT goodies. In1971 – and Unique to the Australian market, Chrysler produced the Hustler, which was a basic twin carb HE model without the trimmings of the GT or Royal 660.


This site is dedicated to the history and preservation of Australian Hillman Hunters. There are specific details on the legendary Hunter GT, Hustler and Royal 660. Our online shop has an extensive list of hard to find second hand parts. If you can't find what you are looking for, email us and ask!



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