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Darren McCrakens 1968 HC Royal


This Hunter has been in and out of storage over the past 47 years and kept in the the McCraken family since new. It's a white 1968 HC Royal with red interior, 1725cc original motor, auto, with all purchase books and service history.


My grandfather bought it in Bundaberg in 1968, where he keep it till he passed away in 1974. This was its first stint in storage until 2005, when my dad restored it back to it's former glory.


The Hunter was my dads pride and joy, and when he passed away 3 years ago, it had its second stint in storage.


I felt it was too good to stay in storage as my dad would like people to see it, so I pumped the tyres up, changed the oil and drove it from bundy to Brisbane where I drive it on weekends.


Long live Hillman Hunters

Darren McCracken 2015

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