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Harry the Royal 660


'Harry' was delivered 4/2/71 by the then Chrysler dealer: Erichsen Motors Pty Ltd - 477 Pittwater Road, Brookvale, NSW Registration number: AVI-724.


Although the number of previous owners is unknown, the car was in reasonably good 'survivor' condition when purchased.  


I first noticed 'Harry' the Hillman Hunter advertised on eBay in 2013 and after several months of contemplation, I went ahead with the purchase from Aussie Muscle Car Traders in Brisbane.

(Time to bring Harry back to N.S.W. where he belonged!)


My interest in this car goes back to 1976 when I had my first car which was the same make, model and colour.


During the first couple of years of ownership I gradually removed the interior, engine and various other components and handed the rolling shell over to the blaster to establish where we were at with Harry's 'underlying' health. Fortunately, the news was pretty good, just a couple of small areas requiring panel repair but nothing serious as far as rust was concerned. It also took considerable time, years in fact, to acquire the various parts required to achieve the restoration level that I was after. 


'Harry' eventually found his way to 'Dave's paint and Panel' in Cardiff (historic vehicle restoration specialists) and the motor was taken to Pryce Engines, also in Cardiff, for a complete rebuild. Meanwhile, I spent many hours bringing various components back to life ready for the day when 'Harry' could be whole once again. Finally in September 2017 with a brand new paint job, new engine and a total refurbishment (with exception to the seats and door cards which were in very good original condition) Harry was ready for his new life. 


In recognition of the many hours that were spent on the restoration and re-assembly, I would like to thank Wayne Colfax (Dave's Paint and Panel) who did a wonderful job.



Steve and Virginia Stewart

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